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Australian designed, tested and manufactured window and doors - Vision Solutions Glass & Aluminium

As architectural design evolves, so do the demands and desires of home owners and building developers. This can put increased demand on design requirements and overall project cost.

A global market place offers manufactures and builders access to a wide variety of choices.

One option being accessed to perceived “similar” products is overseas imports. However, the question should be asked, how “similar” are these imported products and how protected are you in the event of product failure?

Choosing an imported product over Australian designed, tested and manufactured windows and doors may save you money in the short term, but does it provide you with long-term certification and consumer protection? Furthermore, is your supplier going to be there in 2-3 years’ time in the event of a warranty request?

Another option is European designs, which are often sought after due to the perception they provide better quality than locally designed offerings. Access to these products through importing however, is often at the buyers’ expense and concludes with the delivery of a product that may offer little or no additional value to the end user.

Our windows are designed and tested by Australian engineers who know and understand the unique environmental conditions of the Australian market. Understanding the increasing appetite in Australia for new and innovative products that are also compliant with increasing building code regulations, ensures we offer a wide selection of products that are tested and compliant to suit your application.

Such customisation is not always possible with imported products. The architect’s job is to identify the specific measurements and draw up the plan, but site inspections are still required by local estimators to measure and manufacture windows and/or doors to the exact opening on site. Even the slightest variation from the plan is likely to require an adjustment on the final product. This is something that can be difficult if the product has already been dispatched in order to meet your deadline.

But what if something goes wrong? Perhaps an operating issue, surface finishing or new hardware needed, this is a lot easier and faster to resolve with the local manufacturer. Imported products often require long lead time to resolution or simply do not offer this support.

Windows and doors make up a significant portion of any build so doing it right the first time will give you peace of mind and save you time and money in the long run. Windows and doors that are designed, tested and manufactured by Australians, for Australian conditions ensures you are getting a compliant, high-performance product with a high service guarantee that will last long into the future.