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How to find the best Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Over the years, significant advancements have been witnessed in many door-manufacturing companies leading to the manufacture and production of unique doors including Aluminium Bi-fold doors. As much as this is good news, many generic brands have erupted which manufacture and sell low-quality doors.

Keeping in mind that modern, or current door manufacturers have an obligation of meeting or exceeding basic standards in terms of security, glazing, insulation and weatherproofing, you might think that identifying the right door is quite easy. However, you need to be keen and stay alert as the industry is saturated with counterfeits. Quality is vital in this case and shouldn’t be assumed.

A door’s design, manufacture, and installation can have great and significant impacts on its performance in the end. These are some of the few details that set aside and define quality doors from the rest. To guide you on the same, here are a few key tips that should help you find the best Aluminium bi-fold doors in the market;

The type of Aluminium used

In the fabrication of aluminium bi-fold doors, different brands and companies use different aluminium materials. Some re-melt scrap aluminium and use it in the manufacture of aluminium parts. Of course, this can lead to certain imperfections which will eventually affect the application of powder coating, which will, in turn, lead to poor end performance.

Now other companies use prime billets in manufacturing aluminium which will then be used in the fabrication of these aluminium bi-fold doors. Needless to say, this is brand new and high-quality aluminium. So, in order to rate the quality of the door, one determining factor should be the kind of aluminium material used.

Powder coating on the door

When manufacturing bi-fold doors, the aluminium parts are usually powder coated to protect them from external elements. Another trick that can be used in identifying the quality of the door is its finishing. A high-quality door features a consistent and smooth finish. On the other hand, low-quality doors tend to portray vulnerability during the powder coating process. Instead of ending up with a smooth and consistent finish, you notice pitted effects. This is one key attribute that distinguishes high-quality aluminium bi-fold doors from the latter.

Weather permeability and Threshold height

On a more detailed level, weather permeability and threshold height can be used in determining the quality of aluminium bi-fold doors. Not only do quality doors meet the basic standards set in the industry in terms of weather permeability, but they also exceed them. This shows how quality the door is.

In terms of threshold height, well, this can determine how protected you are from external climatic conditions, especially rain. For proper and high-end protection, ensure that the door you purchase has been fitted with rebated thresholds. This is vital when looking for a high-quality, or rather high-end product.

These are among the main considerations that determine an aluminium bi-fold door’s quality. Other factors that should also be considered include the following;

-Security measures in place.

-Look, feel and basic operation of the door components.

-Sight-lines and U-value rating of the door among many others.


In conclusion, determining and identifying the best aluminium bi-fold doors is quite easy. However, it goes way beyond the physic of the door. The top three attributes listed here are very vital and should be taken into account. If you want to conduct further analysis to determine the door’s quality, the remaining factors should come in handy. You can also consult the relevant business broker to help you on the same.

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